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Spices and Herbs - Beneficial for Our Diets and Many Ailments

Spices & Herbs - Twofold Purpose
Steak or venison dinner kit spice and herb packets

   Are bodies are receptive to spices and herbs to relieve certain disorders. So, as we prepare our meals, we need to remember that these remedies are twofold; benefiting our bodies, as well as our dining enjoyment.


      Ginger is a digestive aid and is recommended for colds, coughs, flu, and vomiting, belching, abdominal pain, motion sickness, laryngitis, arthritis, hemorrhoids, headaches, impotence, diarrhea, heart disease and memory loss. It is a diversified herb which flavors meat, vegetables and baked goods. Use in curries, soy sauce, meat and poultry stews, chutneys and pickles, vegetable soups, fish and cheese dishes, cakes, puddings, cookies, sweet breads and drinks.


     Turmeric benefits digestion and is a treatment for fever, infections, dysentery, arthritis, jaundice. This gem can reduce fat; purify blood and aids in circulation. Tastes good in curry powders, chutneys, deviled eggs, bean and lentil dishes, rice and pilafs, poultry, fish, shellfish, and vegetables.


     Nutmeg is calming and sleep-inducing, making it an excellent remedy for insomnia. This granulated nut strengthens the heart and eases menstruation. In small quantities, it improves digestion and appetite, while dispelling an acid stomach. Use in custards, eggnog, punches, sauces, especially, onion sauce and bread sauce, pasta, vegetables, especially spinach.


     Refreshing rosemary is a circulation stimulant, excellent for low blood pressure, muscle fatigue, poor circulation, aches, pains and strains. It acts

as a tonic for the nervous system and is an antidepressant. It relieves stress-related disorders, mental exhaustion and promotes mental clarity. Use sprigs in meat dishes, especially lamb and pork, chicken. Chopped fresh leaves can be used in tomato-based sauces, breads, stuffed vegetables, pizza and potato gratins. 


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